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Merits of Medical Billing Clearinghouses


The introduction of medical billing clearinghouses such as Apex EDI, has greatly revolutionized the processing of medical bills. There is far less hassle for both the physicians and the insurance providers. The clearinghouses use electronic billing systems to forward claims to the healthcare insurance providers. This means that the physicians get their reimbursements in a very short time. Before the advent of clearinghouses, home - based medical billers were used. This took the physicians a long time to submit their claims to the health care insurance providers and more time to make follow-ups. We can therefore safely say that the greatest advantage of medical billing clearing houses has been to speed up the process to a very large extent.

Before the arrival of the medical billing clearinghouse, there was massive wastage of paper. The claims were usually mailed by post. Additionally, the insurance providers spent a lot of money maintaining the postal claims and money to pay the staff that manned the postal deliveries. Medical billing clearinghouses have significantly reduced wastage paper and also increased the billing process. Medical billing use electronic mail system which requires no paper. Not only has this saved the insurance providers money, it has also allowed physicians more time to treat more patients. The physicians are also able to get full reimbursement for their services. It is also worth noting that the best medical billing clearing houses will check for errors on the bills before they forward them to the insurance providers.


The medical billing clearinghouses also convert the claims from physicians into a format that is recognized by the various healthcare insurance providers. The above advantages have made medical billing clearing houses a part of the healthcare reimbursement and medical claims processing arena. Lack of compliance in healthcare reimbursement attracts huge fines and sometimes even criminal charges especially when government organizations such as Medicare and Medicaid are involved. Physicians and some smaller medical billing clearinghouses will for this reason transfer the work to larger medical billing clearinghouses. This takes away the liability from them to the larger medical billing processing clearinghouses. To get some facts about medical claims, go to http://www.ehow.com/how_5708749_become-health-care-provider.html.


Before you settle on a medical billing clearinghouse to handle your medical claims processing, it is wise to do your homework to find the right one for you. Apex EDI is a medical billing clearinghouse that offers cost - effective solutions for processing medical claims electronically. In addition, they also offer services such as eligibility verification.